#HighInnovate 2013

  October 10th, 2013  


High Industries Inc. / AidemMedia Solutions Inc.

Live, animated tweets from a curated social media feed. ...read more

Springhouse Taproom photobooth

  December 7th, 2013  


Spring House Brewing Company

The Martians kidnapped Santa. This is your evidence. Developed in conjunction with Industrial Resolution, the Taproom's photobooth gave passers-by and customers a whimsical experience with Springhouse's characters and a chance to see themselves in the character's snowy world. ...read more

Light Up Lancaster

  November 22nd, 2013  


Lancaster County Community Foundation

For Lancaster Community Foundation's "Extraordinary Give," Meteor Tower lit up the Greist Building, mapped and timed with events throughout the evening. ...read more

Atomic sizzle reel

  June 11th, 2013  


Atomic Design

Meteor Tower was tasked to create a video to showcasing Atomic's 20 year legacy of great design. Pairing stills and footage of Atomic's vast portfolio with branded motion graphics, Meteor worked alongside Atomic's marketing team to bring their history to life. ...read more

Second Sky - "Purpose"

  October 15th, 2013  


Rhythm & Culture Music / Second Sky

Warm yourself by the light at the end of the world. ...read more

"We Believe In"

  July 8th, 2013  


Coldwell Banker Select Professionals

Meteor Tower was tasked to give legs to Coldwell Banker - Select Professional's "We Believe in Central PA" campaign. From script and scout to graphics and grade, the Meteors executed this broad campaign in just a few short weeks. Production included nearly 80 Realtors®, each reading a unique line.  ...read more

Spooky Nook Sports launch campaign

  May 31st, 2013  


Spooky Nook

Meteor Tower created a commercial for the sports facility Spooky Nook. The launch of the video coincided with the grand opening of Spooky Nook. ...read more

Nothing Really Matters

  April 2nd, 2013  


TyDi / Think! Creative Management

With less than a week to a Vevo frontpage release, tyDi's management brought in Meteor Tower to provide color grade for the music video for "Nothing Really Matters". ...read more

Nike World Basketball Festival 2012

  February 25th, 2013  


Atomic Design

Meteor Tower was brought in to create a time-lapse video of the event build for the Nike World Basketball Festival. ...read more

NFL Kickoff 2012

  September 5th, 2012  


Performance Environment Design Group

Meteor executed pre-visualization renderings of the 2012 NFL Kickoff along with a time-lapse video of set load-in. ...read more

Extraordinary Give

  November 14th, 2012  


Lancaster County Community Foundataion

Meteor Tower created a 30 second commercial to promote the Extraordinary Give campaign, which raised over $1.5 Million for Lancaster non-profits.  ...read more

This Or The Apocalypse "Dead Years" album promo

  August 6th, 2012  


This Or The Apocalypse / eOne Entertainment

A high energy teaser for one of metal's most breathtaking bands. ...read more

Atomic Pyramid

  June 18th, 2012  


Atomic Design / Atomic Rental

Join Atomic Design in their journey through The Land of Bad Design and Pipe & Drape Hell toward the mythical Leverland in this exiting promotional piece for their new "SuperLever" product. ...read more

Hop Hop: A Cultural Odyssey

  June 10th, 2012  


BET / Centric / Sunseeker Media

Know your facts. Know your roots. Know your history. Hip Hop: A Cultural Odyssey is an encyclopedia of hip-hop knowledge. ...read more


  January 5th, 2012  


Atomic Design / Atomic Rental

Do not fear the Atomic Chiclet Robot for he will transform your corporate event or set design into something beautiful with Atomic's modular scenic rental pieces. ...read more


  December 12th, 2011  


Haitian Connection Network

Meteor Tower worked in conjunction with the Haitian Connection Network (HCN) to create an ad showing the work HCN has been doing in to bring free college education to Haiti. ...read more

Watch For The Signs

  November 9th, 2011  



Suicide prevention is an extremely delicate and important subject; Meteor Tower worked with Philhaven to create a tv spot that would encourage those suffering from those thoughts to reach out for help. ...read more

Rob A. - Rebel

  October 11th, 2011  


Rob A. / Think! Creative Management

A teaser for Grammy Award Nominated songwriter and producer, Rob A. ...read more

Second Sky - "Art Of Influence" promo

  June 12th, 2011  


Second Sky / Rhythm & Culture Music

Acclaimed downtempo artists "Second Sky" discuss their new record, "The Art of Influence" and their inspiration ranging from world to dub music. ...read more

Second Sky "Too Far"

  May 19th, 2011  


Second Sky / Rhythm & Culture Music

Meteor's moody pastiche for acclaimed downtempo artists "Second Sky" and their single "Too Far" ...read more


  May 7th, 2011  


SaraMax, Inc.

When the world's Best Fitting Panty was taken off the shelves, intimates designer SaraMax rallied the Meteors to create a video that showed just how much women loved their BFPs. ...read more