BET Soul Train Awards 2013

Project Description

Featuring a tribute to the legendary Dionne Warwick and an explosive '90s hip hop medley, the BET Soul Train Awards 2013 broke the mold with a new design, and broke records for viewership and social media interaction for the show.

In contrast to previous years' screens content design, Meteor Tower gave the 2013 awards show a look based in physical ideas and virtual sets, augmenting the set designed by Tom McPhillips of Studio 10A. Presenter looks were built around ideas of a 60's record player mechanism and golden mod geometry, abstracting the stage as a gigantic jukebox. The LED walls transformed each performance into a different set, transporting Wale & Stokely to a falling cityscape, Tamar Braxton to a romantic seaside carnival in the shade of a wilting rose, Big Daddy Kane to a graffiti-covered subway line, and K. Michelle to apocalyptic city streets.

The Soul Train Awards 2013 aired on Centric and BET, garnering 4.6 million viewers.

Project Info


BET / Atomic Design / Studio 10A


Las Vegas, Nevada

Ship date:

December 2013

Wale & Stokely - "Inner City Blues"

Wale & Stokely - "Inner City Blues"

K. Michelle - "Can't Raise A Man"

Dionne Warwick tribute - "Anyone Who Had A Heart" performed by Gladys Knight

K. Michelle "V.S.O.P"

Bobby Caldwell - "What you Won't Do"

"Warm It Up, Kane"

Chaka Khan Award winner Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton

Jon B.

Production office: Bart Phillips, Owen Byrne, & Adam Taylor

Keith Sweat - "Don't Stop Your Love"

Keith Sweat

Ronald Isley - "Alfie"

Warren G - "Regulate"

Slick Rick

Atomic / Meteor team

From right to left: Adam Taylor, Tom McPhillips, Charlie Cook, Matt Anastasio, Owen Byrne, Andy Babin, Ryan Mast