Meteor's 2013 In Numbers

December 31st, 2013

This year, Meteor Tower tickled pixels worldwide, powered by jet fuel and delicious drink.

New hires: 3
Coffee consumed: 2,644 cups
Nuclear reactors built: 1
Emails sent: 5,460
Chandelier pixels mapped: 1,500
Terabytes of data generated: 28
Final deliverable video files created: 717
Beers consumed: 2,289 pints
Vegas net winnings: $65

Air: 109,346 mi
Train: 2,088 mi
Tour bus: 22,409 mi
Hotel: 167 nights at 63 different hotels
USA states: 30
Passport stamps: 32 stamps from 24 unique countries

Audience: 35 million people

Combined, the Meteors traveled enough miles to circumnavigate the globe more than 4.5 times.

We've had a fun 2013. Let's do something epic in 2014. Happy New Year!